What All Men Need

The other day I paused near a barbershop, sitting in the chair was an elderly man lying back relaxed, eyes closed and content. He was getting his beard shaved and his hair trimmed. A trip I’m sure he happily made each month, just to get away from life, you see men sitting in bars, casinos, delis, some men head into the bush to camp, other go. hunting, but one thing for sure men need to escape from life, we need a timeout. Now I know in this anti everything world we as men, we find ourselves having to apologise for everything from being straight masculine men to being Christian brothers, and this is the very reason we need to get back to basics and find ourselves.

If our partners would allow us, no afford us the time to be the men they married or chose as partners they would find that we would feel less claustrophobic and more inclined to feel satisfied with who we are.

We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given a life. It’s up to us to make it good or bad.

Relationship Seesaw

If you are going to keep your relationship healthy one of the most important things to remember is to stop counting. Stop counting the number of times you argued, packed the dishwasher, lifted the lid, picked up the kids, made dinner or were intimate. Life is not a competition and its never going to balance. Living together is simple, surprise each other by swinging past the deli, fetch the dry-cleaning, buy flowers or by leave a loving note.

If you look hard enough, you going to find the cracks, a relationship needs to be looked at like a unfinished art work, each day you going to paint over the cracked paint and forgive.

An excellent exercise is to take an elastic band and place it on your wrist, every time you want to say or do something hurtful pull on the elastic band and let it slap your wrist. Men each time you lift the brush to the canvas, remember how much you time and love you have invested in your artwork.

If today was your last

As men sometimes we need a wake-up call, if you looked at your children, wife or friends, and started the next thought with “if today was your last day”, is this how you would leave the house, is this what you would say or is this the last memory that you would want your family to have when they think of you.

Don’t squander the opportunity to spend time with your kids, treat your wife as if it was your first date, remember that evening when you pulled out all the stops, including her chair. Instead of giving your wife a goodbye wave, hug her and kiss for a minute. Work can wait; engage in a meaningful conversation with the kids.

Are your friends really that important, that you need to rush out the door to that all-important golf match, meeting or BBQ? If any of them died to day, you wont get another 30 seconds to love them.

Dune Riding
Dune Riding with Son 


Support your marriage
Support your Marriage

Men need to feel in control, if you take that away from us we no longer feel like the head of the house. Most men are not male chauvinists pigs, we understand the fact that a relationship is 50/ 50 and sometimes 80 / 20 (either way). Undertand a mans brain, if you want us to think or feel what you feeling, tell us, show us, draw a picture, but by trying to dominate the relationship and make everything equatable you belittle the man in your life, not to mention you inflate resentment at the same time.

Love being a wife, have a career, study just don’t step on us as you do it we would rather carry you on our shoulders in support.

All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner.
Red Skelton

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