She’s a Card

I recently came across this site “Men’s attraction to women’s bodies changes seasonally.” Believe it or not it was your body that started this relationship, a woman’s body is like a birthday card, men sit in newsagents all over the world and go through an age old ritual, they delicately take each card out and admire the cover and if that appeals to them, they usually excitedly flip the page to read the text, now sometimes the card has a intriguing picture that might suggest something different from the mundane Birthday Card, but it’s the card you read, that makes you laugh and sometimes cry, those are the ones you grow old with .

A Man Shopping

Please make a list of the items that we need as we mention them, we are not going to remember these items when you need to go shopping, also please understand that if we go shopping hungry we going to buy anything and everything that looks like food. Shopping is not an outing, nor do we want to get together with friends for chai latte afterwards to discuss what we’ve bought. We need a plan get in get out, mission accomplished if you need it put it on the list, including size and colour.

Christmas shopping should be done early in the morning, parking is easy, there are an abundance of trolleys, no kids are screaming and the food court is empty.  So as to avoid us going mad as we bump , trip over and squeeze through endless queues of woman waiting for sale items, leave us at home for items that dont need us to wear, pay for or carry.

If you love us, leave us ans set yourself free, we will be right where you left us when you return. Oh don’t leave a list of things to do because you feel this balances things out, ask a man if he can and nine times out of ten we will, clean the shed, pack the dishes and cleanup the backyard.



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