Wherever the destinations may be, is entirely up to you.

Marriage is an incredible journey, the fantastic thing about this journey is you have no idea where you will end up in the future. How many young couples enter into marriage based on short term ideals or imagery yes imagery, understand that no matter how much money, medical procedures or special teas you drink the woman you married is going to get old and have no illusion your buff chest wont last forever. You need to know that your husband is going to leave bad smells in the bathroom and is probably going to leave underwear on the floor. Get used to the idea that we get old, fat and wrinkled, but together.

We going to fight, some inconsequential, some pretty important, but these arguments are going to shape the valley we call married life, when it comes to arguing the important rule to remember is trying to not go to bed before a resolution or a solution and most definitely a sorry has been reached, I have learnt that it takes a mature, large, and in love partner to know when you’re wrong and to say sorry.

No one said life is easy, Kids are hard work, Marriage is hard work, falling in love is easy but staying in love like an old tattoo takes commitment.

Schedule a Date Night

Ever have one of those weeks, when you wish the world would stop and let you off. Marriage for a man and I’m sure many woman can be that sort of merry go round sometimes when we go from kids to work to parental duties and so on. One of the most important aspects of any marriage I believe is “space”. Let me elaborate, when you wife needs time with her girlfriends to go shopping and lattes or have her hair done or play a sport, give her space. When men need to play golf, watch TV, go fishing or time to act like idiots with the boys, give us our space. But sometimes as a couple we need to share no reserve a “space” from the world,  “Date Night“. A night when you can be a couple, reminisce about the good days, talk about all the magical moments that brought you together and what you as a couple have achieved together.

For the evening to be a success make sure you plan the evening together, wear a suit, buy flowers, book an expensive restaurant, make sure the kids are at friends.

Don’t take away independence, make sure you incorporate it into your marriage.


Before I die Photo- Check and done
Before I die Photo- Check and done

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