My wife found me in the recycle section

As I walked the long avenues of my local hardware store this morning I noticed I was the only guy in the store for one and the only person buying a hammer because it looked cool most customers were woman and buying practical items like locks and taps and it dawned on me.

What happened to when Men just used to be men, no matter what colour, religion or economic strata of society you’d come from in the past men had a place we knew our worth.

Ah Strength , and let me elaborate , strength in knowledge as we would work and study to provide, strength in our physical makeup and we would build and labour for our families. We knew that as head of the house we had a responsibility to care and protect for God, family and country.
But today we find that most of our functions have been eroded or reassigned, and as men as a whole  I think that to no fault of our own we have been boxed like a 2011 Christmas toy only to be taken out to admire and later exchanged for a Multi functional household tool that can do lots of neat tricks but very few strength jobs.

Relationship Workouts


If you think that moving in together is going to easy, with double the income, double the amount of people cleaning and looking after the apartment or house, double the fun. Well its all true until the first argument about the dirty dish in the sink. Moving in together or marriage also means double the mess, clutter and just stuff lying around.

My wife and I have worked out that it’s not going to be the kids nor finances and not even the dirty dishes that our divorced friends seemed to have argue about, but rather that they gave up, they simply went one round and threw in the towel.

You see like lightning and most elements found in nature, we humans tend to also take the shortest and quickest route to what we feel is the only answer.

Dont be lazy, work at it, give each other time, the toothpaste left open, the toilet seat left up even the underpants left on the floor somewhere between the bed and the shower are all going to slowly disappear when you realise that life is not about the small stuff and partnerships that build solid healthy foundations are going to last the longest.

Date Night
Date Night


If today was your last

As men sometimes we need a wake-up call, if you looked at your children, wife or friends, and started the next thought with “if today was your last day”, is this how you would leave the house, is this what you would say or is this the last memory that you would want your family to have when they think of you.

Don’t squander the opportunity to spend time with your kids, treat your wife as if it was your first date, remember that evening when you pulled out all the stops, including her chair. Instead of giving your wife a goodbye wave, hug her and kiss for a minute. Work can wait; engage in a meaningful conversation with the kids.

Are your friends really that important, that you need to rush out the door to that all-important golf match, meeting or BBQ? If any of them died to day, you wont get another 30 seconds to love them.

Dune Riding
Dune Riding with Son 


New Years but Old Boxes

This is a great time of the year to sort out some of the old boxes in the mental attic, take this time to put things on the table, don’t enter into a new year with old wounds. Don’t allow old arguments or personal irritations to follow your relationship into the new year. Sit down with your partner and make a list, talk about changes you both would like to see happen in the new year, and in some cases is it worth going into the new year as a couple.

I know this sounds harsh, but not all relationships just miraculously will fix themselves, you are both doing yourselves and those around you no favours if you don’t tell each other what it is that you would like to see change. I have said it a number of times men are simple folk, we sometimes don’t know that what we doing might be irritating or bothering you.

Make that kiss at midnight one of passion but at the same time let it be a seal of a promise to forget old arguments and not bring them up in the new year and to allow change to take place in order to save this relationship.

God Bless and Happy New year to all.

A man can’t know what is to be a woman

If you think we were being insensitive as men, when you come home after having a bad day and we did not pick up on it, it’s because we simply dont look for complications or we are tired too or maybe we had a bad day, the bills are stressing us out or we havent eaten, we need the bathroom, there is something interesting on tv, the ball is in the air and about to be touched down, go through the hoop and we are sorry. We would like you to tell us you’ve had a bad day, and leave out the details. Men simply dont care about the dynamics of all the personalities that work in your office. We do however care about you, and by pouring a glass of wine settling in for a cuddle on the couch is something we do well. The idea that we need to be on the same emotional plain as you is ridiculous, we are however in the same house and by not expecting men to understand menstruating cramps, or the sensation of feeling bloated, can do wonders for any relationship.


A Man Shopping

Please make a list of the items that we need as we mention them, we are not going to remember these items when you need to go shopping, also please understand that if we go shopping hungry we going to buy anything and everything that looks like food. Shopping is not an outing, nor do we want to get together with friends for chai latte afterwards to discuss what we’ve bought. We need a plan get in get out, mission accomplished if you need it put it on the list, including size and colour.

Christmas shopping should be done early in the morning, parking is easy, there are an abundance of trolleys, no kids are screaming and the food court is empty.  So as to avoid us going mad as we bump , trip over and squeeze through endless queues of woman waiting for sale items, leave us at home for items that dont need us to wear, pay for or carry.

If you love us, leave us ans set yourself free, we will be right where you left us when you return. Oh don’t leave a list of things to do because you feel this balances things out, ask a man if he can and nine times out of ten we will, clean the shed, pack the dishes and cleanup the backyard.



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