If today was your last

As men sometimes we need a wake-up call, if you looked at your children, wife or friends, and started the next thought with “if today was your last day”, is this how you would leave the house, is this what you would say or is this the last memory that you would want your family to have when they think of you.

Don’t squander the opportunity to spend time with your kids, treat your wife as if it was your first date, remember that evening when you pulled out all the stops, including her chair. Instead of giving your wife a goodbye wave, hug her and kiss for a minute. Work can wait; engage in a meaningful conversation with the kids.

Are your friends really that important, that you need to rush out the door to that all-important golf match, meeting or BBQ? If any of them died to day, you wont get another 30 seconds to love them.

Dune Riding
Dune Riding with Son 


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