Day 1 – First Step

Ok, today is January 8th, 2018 and my life is going to change from today I just got on the scale at I’m 143Kg’s that is (315.261 Pounds), started by having an Optifast chocolate shake for breakfast and a 40 min Gym session. I find it best to go to Gym as early as possible that way you don’t have it hanging over your head the whole day. If there is anyone else out there willing to join me on this journey let me know its great to have a partner for motivation.

Workout (my first Session)

2 Kilometre walk (Treadmill)

2 X 2 Minutes Rowing break for a Minute in between

3 X 10 reps  Dumbells

3X 10 reps Pullups assisted

3 X 10 Pulldowns

3 X 10 Stepups

3 X 30 sec ropes

Lunch Chicken Breast and Green Salad

Dinner Optifast Shake

Snacks – Carrots and fruit

Just a mention that this is my personal journey and I am simply following a diet I can handle and a gym session that feels like I’ve had an all-around workout, and I’m using this website to document my journey.



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