I was sitting at a classroom table this morning during worship and noticed this little basket of crayons, a funny thing about this grouping of pencils is that it correctly reflects the social interactions of us humans. It seems that there is always that lonely pencil, all on its own, although similar in all its characteristics, it just does not fit the social basket, and always tends to look a little awkward as it puts on a brave face, other pencils gather in groups confident in their numbers and whether blunt or sharp they support and care about each other, and at the same time making all members of the group feel comfortable in their skin.

Then there are the minority groups although small in numbers they have their place and they certainly like all pencils add equal value to the basket and even though the other pencils want to put a wall between themselves and others. How far as a human race we have come and yet how far we still have to go in cultural relations and understanding of our fellow person.




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