Make your dreams come true, and live a life worth living.

In 22 years of teaching, there has always been one message year after year that I give my students “don’t let your past experiences dictate your future and do what you love, because you going to have to get up every morning and drive to that job, and if it’s not a passion you bound to fail”. There is nothing morning terrifying than having a family to feed a wife at home worried about bills and trying to keep a roof over your head, and on top of that going to a job that you hate, and not having alternative options. They say that you can change your career path, conquer the world, but when you’re stuck in the life’s mud, and all the animals around you are pushing you down, and you feel like you’re having an asthma attack, it’s quite difficult to find a path out.

So in saying that before life, tax, family and the colloquial animals get you down, chose your path early, study your passion, don’t let one teacher or even one year of bad experiences stop you from becoming that engineer, maths teacher, Mc Donalds Manager, building inspector or whatever your dreams, stop build the foundation today.

Step 1. Decide on a Goal / Job / Dream

Step 2. Plot steps to achieving it.

Step 3. Put that Dream someplace where you can see/ read it every day.


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