Relationship Workouts


If you think that moving in together is going to easy, with double the income, double the amount of people cleaning and looking after the apartment or house, double the fun. Well its all true until the first argument about the dirty dish in the sink. Moving in together or marriage also means double the mess, clutter and just stuff lying around.

My wife and I have worked out that it’s not going to be the kids nor finances and not even the dirty dishes that our divorced friends seemed to have argue about, but rather that they gave up, they simply went one round and threw in the towel.

You see like lightning and most elements found in nature, we humans tend to also take the shortest and quickest route to what we feel is the only answer.

Dont be lazy, work at it, give each other time, the toothpaste left open, the toilet seat left up even the underpants left on the floor somewhere between the bed and the shower are all going to slowly disappear when you realise that life is not about the small stuff and partnerships that build solid healthy foundations are going to last the longest.

Date Night
Date Night



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