Change Direction

If you see the road signs, detour ahead or road under repair do we not change directions, the biggest problem we have is that love is truly blind like an addict we are sometimes so deep on the thick of things we don’t realize we’re in trouble.

Now if you’re like the millions of normal people who worry about their weight and put in a honest days work for very little return you going to be part of a very large club of  trying your best to be a good partner and staying on top of your mortgage and debt.
But and I start with but because if you going down a road and you can see the signs- debt ahead , heartache  100 meters or divorce . Stop look at what you doing cut the credit cards up, forgive and change your lifestyle.
Start by changing one small thing in your life each day. Today I cut up my credit card, tomorrow I am going to plan and stick to a budget.
Your family will love you for it!

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