A Stranger In My Bed

Ever wake-up and stare at the stranger that lies peacefully sleeping next to you, now I say stranger not because you just had a one night stand with a woman you just met at the local pub/club, this stranger is usually the woman you’ve been married to or been dating for a couple of months and even sometimes years. We hate the fact that our wives get old, grumpy, frumpy, grey, and less patient with our failings, yes OUR failings.

Lets face it men have lots of insecurities even if they don’t admit, we want to believe that all woman find us attractive, and that we age better than woman, when we look in a mirror we see what we want to see and we allow our imaginations to fill-in and in many cases blur the signs of ageing.

I find a lot of the men I know who are separated or angry about life are usually because of the fact that they never achieved anything in their professional lives or havent  grown at the same pace as their wives, in maturity and mental image age.

In my younger years I was always taken by how different woman would look once they had removed their dating paint or clubbing masks, and allowed us men to see their real and personal sides.

If ever there was a Bible verse that you needed when married it would be Philippians 4:6. If you are a young married couple or even just trying to find your way through the prickly dating months you going to need to prayers.

There are three layers I believe for men to any relationship.

1 Prickly Dating weeks – men are selfish and we are only interested in the physical relationship.

2. Potting Months – men look for a woman we can spend time with, and find interesting.

3. Replanting years – A partner we choose to move in with and maybe kids.


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