Who runs the castle

I can’t imagine that anything has changed from the cavemen till now, we men go out do some hunting and come back to the cave to relax. It’s the one area of our lives that were we feel like that kid who stands at the top of the hill and controls the game “king of the castle”. We don’t like to be knocked down, we didn’t go into marriage to be controlled and have our masculinity slowly removed and replaced with a feminine version of ourselves . Each little pick, decision you make, room you reorganise, item you remove and argument you have to win, will only chip away at the rock you call a relationship.

A man wants to at least feel like he runs the castle, we know you do but don’t tell us. Let us think that some of the ideas behind the drapes and furniture was our idea. Every man wants a corner of the house where he can be himself no matter how crass or unrefined, put us in the shed if you must but allow us to express some of that raw caveman mentality. No matter what type of man, we all love to come home get onto that lazy boy turn the TV on and watch something that takes very little grey matter to understand.

All men go to work and do what they do, we sometimes choose the career and in other cases it chooses us, but understand we chose you the way you are and you fell in love with who we are.

The last outpost for some men
The last outpost for some men

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