If he’s cheap he won’t change

A man rarely changes his spots, if he’s cheap and your first date is a Mc Donalds drive through, you probably going to end up in a caravan park alone or worse supporting a “husbchild” ( half man half child). Don’t be fooled by his boyish good looks and being the centre of the party at college level. A real man is usually the quietly confident character having conversation on the balcony and is always dressed for the occasion, wether it’s sandals and a pair of billabong shorts and a T-shirt at the beach/pool or a dinner suit at  restaurant.

If you looking for a life partner, forget the pages of facebook or cosmos find the perfect man survey, all you need to do is find a guy who has the generally similarly interestes and no  they don’t have to be necessarily identically to yours, we are quite happy to sit and watch a tennis game or take in an art gallery. A simple rule is to start with a man who has clean shoes.

We don’t grow on trees, so when you find one of us don’t hold back we don’t understand woman, who play games like playing hard to get, simple is far better. Tell us what you want from the start of the relationship and most men will tell you wether they want something serious or not. Just a hint if there is no “I love you” early on, he is probably just trying to get lucky, and it’s quite normal to not to want to snuggle after every and anything (you work it out!)

A long Coffee or a short Latte
A long Coffee or a short Latte

I don’t know how people live without coffee, I really don’t.
Martha Quinn


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